Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Becky's Back!

Okay guys and gals...aren't y'all tired of NOT hearing from me? This is the time of year when I always started getting stir crazy even if I did attend the KDS WinterFest. Are they still having that race? I haven't heard anything from them in a couple of years. Looks to me like, since that race was my idea and I helped get it started and never missed but one of them before I got hurt, someone would AT LEAST let me know if it's still going on and who wins. I don't have time to go to everyone's web sites. Maybe they should change the name of it to the Becky White Annual KDS WinterFest! Been going through OLD stuff and enjoying seeing where I've been and the things I've done. I guess I never really thought about the kind of life I led, I had a job to do and I was always ready, willing and able to do it, no matter WHO tried to stand in my way. Grin

I don't miss going to the races, but I sure do miss some of the people. I was just thinking the other night, as I was looking through old photo albums and scrapbooks, that I had a helluva life in drag racing. I have known nearly every racer who was instrumental in this sport from the 60s on. Wow! And every person I have ever come into contact with in my life has had some kind of lasting impression on my life, be it good or bad! Now, each one who reads this can wonder which effect YOU had on me!! HA! I've been trying to write a couple of things and have been getting to talk to some folks I haven't talked to in a while and I'm enjoying that. I'll let you know when I get all that finished.

I am also getting ready to sell every single piece of drag racing 'junque' I have collected over the years! I need to get the rest of these doctor bills paid off, pay my car insurance, home owners' insurance, taxes, etc. Y'all know all that routine. I would like to get my antique store finished and get it opened, too. I can't get on with the next chapter in my life until I get rid of some of the stuff that's in my way. I would like to get the website finished so I can start getting stuff on it, but I can't even get Rufus to send me disks back or call me or email me. So I'm up in the air about that.

I am still having to use either a cane or crutches, depending on whether it's a good day or a bad day. I think I'm doing awfully good to get as much done as I do. Sorting and filing, emptying boxes and refilling boxes. You're all invited to come by, mapquest will help you out in that respect. Also, my phone number is 704-732-1160 and I will try to get on here more often. Maybe Rufus will read this and finish my website or send my stuff back, one or the other! Happy New Year to EVERYONE, I hope you all have a WONDERFUL, winning, healthy, happy, successful, peaceful and wealthy NEW YEAR! Hope to hear from everyone soon!


Anonymous said...

Hello Becky,
So glad to read your storys again really miss Quick Times and most of all the day I met Becky White.
You told how it was and never gave up no matter what happened.
We love you,

Anonymous said...

Now that's the Becky White we all know and love! Welcome back.
Carol England

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky
We've corresponded for quite a while now and I've certainly appreciated reading much of your commentary. From what you've told me over the years I pretty much know you're background and some of the more recent things that have affected your life. I think for anyone reading your Blog for the first time (who doesn’t know you) is probably missing out on not only your previous and long time involvement with drag racing, but also the things that brought you to where you are today. In order for someone to gain that appreciation my suggestion would be to write up some sort of personal introduction.
Just a thought, and as always best of luck to you!